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Sofi Stadium Tour.jpg

Sofi Stadium Celebrity Limo Bus Tour


3 Hours
Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 12pm

You have just found the most exciting, once in a life time opportunity to feel like a pro as you run through the 60-foot tunnel room to hype you up before you enter onto the SoFi Stadium field. Once on the turf, you will be able visit locker rooms, compete in the on-field challenges and experience a post-game interview.
Experience a tunnel runout and show off your skills as a pro, kicking field goals, throwing at targets, running the “40” and testing your high jump.
Get ready to experience SoFi Stadium with a VR photo opportunity and download the Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium Mobile Apps for even more behind-the-scenes access. Let’s start the journey together.
Once in our impressive private suites, take in the luxuries of the premium guest experience with the unobstructed views, premier catering, and the luxurious décor, which in some suites includes a chandelier. Imagine the game day or event day atmosphere from a unique vantage point.

What to expect:
- 3 Hour Bus Tour Ride
- See all major stadiums in LA; Staples Center, The Forum, The Collesium (Olympic Stadium) 
- Private Tour of the newest addition to our Los Angeles Stadium Family SOFI
- Visit and take pics from VIP Box
- Feel like a pro running the tunnel
- Visit Locker Rooms and Press Box
- Test your strength with throwing and kicking field challenges



Friday Movie Bus Tour (Ages 10+)

3 Hours
Fridays & Saturdays at 12pm


Tour Highlights

  • 3 Hour Guided Tour 

  • Friday Movie Set

  • Boyz N the Hood

  • Craig's House

  • Stanley's House

  • Ms Parkers House

  • Nipsey Square Memorial

  • SoFi Stadium

  • Staples Center

  • Kobe Murals

  • Snoops Shop​​


Want to see where the Friday movie was filmed?

How about where the Boyz in the Hood houses are located?

We have the tour for you!  

Roll up on the same block as Craig and say "bye Felicia" as we roll our way to the heart of this cult classic. 

Every day is like Friday on this unforgettable movie-inspired experience! Things kick off conveniently downtown next to Staples Center.  Ages 16 and up are welcome.


Board the spacious limo bus in Downtown Los Angeles for a scenic drive through LA will take you past several iconic landmarks such as the Nipsey Mural, Kobe Mural, Staples Center, Crenshaw, Olympics Stadium, SoFi Stadium and Snoop Shop.


Heels On Wheels Drag Tour

5 Hours - 3 Shows - ONE HOT ASS PARTY BUS


Grab your girls and a ticket to LA's hottest new drag adventure; HEELS ON WHEELS.   


Runs Weekly in West Hollywood

5 Hours of Drag

Over 20 Girls

Free Admission to Hottest Bars in WEHO

Bring your dolla's 

We welcome all.  

Free Condoms

Stop at West Hollywood Hottest Bars

Flash mob style drag show at LA's best film sites including Clueless, Sex and the City, Golden Girls, Beverly Hills Sign, Celebrity Homes and Rodeo Drive! 


Perfect for first dates or last dates, birthdays, proposals, traveling and wanna get laid, love the feeling of fishnets rubbing on your knees or  you can't find anything better to do on a Saturday in Los Angeles.  WE WANT YOU ALL, AS YOU ARE


Win prizes, make new friends and have a kick ass afternoon


Facility TOur

3 Hours FRIDAY, SATUrday and sundays


Tour Highlights

  • Tour Cannabis Grow Facility

  • Behind the Scenes Tour of Oldest Winery in Los Angeles

  • 3 hour bus tour

  • $20 OFF products online

  • Pre Roll for a penny ; )

  • Coupon Book with hundreds of dollars in cannabis savings

  • Two high end Cannabis Retailers

  • Flight of Wine on Bus

  • Weed & Wine Pairing

  • Staples Center

  • Guaranteed to see plants within month of harvest. 

  • No Glass between you and the flowers. 

  • Kobe Memorial

Join us on our daily ride, exploring the sites and history of downtown Los Angeles.  Through the 1920s, Los Angeles was the largest producer of wine in the country.  From Orange County to the Hollywood Hills, wine grapes and wineries made up 80% of the land.  Tour one of the oldest and longest running wineries, complete with flight of wine on bus.  This family owned and operated business is a hit with our guests and their wines are amazing!  Come learn how this winery survived and thrived during prohibition.


Next up, get a behind the scenes tour of Los Angeles's greatest boutique cannabis grow and retail operations.  This tour will pull back the curtain on indoor growing and get you within inches of the plants. We guarantee these pictures will get the HIGHEST amount of likes on social media! 


Complete your tour with an optional stop at LA Live and try one of their many restaurants including Cortez, Fixing Soul, Flemings, Katsuya and many more.

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